Cleaning & Disinfect Agents

Goldshield® 24 Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

Goldshield® 24 is Water-based, alcohol-free, gentle “foam” Hand/Body Sanitizer. One pump protects up to 24hrs against 99.99% of germs and common bacteria. FDA Approved

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer

Goldshield® 75 Surface Antimicrobial Agent

Goldshield® 75 is Water-based, ready-to-use, liquid spray, antimicrobial agent effective against microbes on virtually any surface and most textiles. EPA Registered - 85556-2

Surface Antimicrobial Agent

Goldshield® 5 Surface Antimicrobial Concentrate

Goldshield® 5 is a “concentrate.” Use on any surface for bacterial inhibition up to 90 days. This formula is for use in all commercial applications. Commercial sizes available. EPA Registered 85556-1

Surface Antimicrobial Concentrate

Goldshield® 85 Surface Cleaner

Goldshield® 85 One application removes dirt, grime and kitchen spills, eliminates odors of all kinds, freshens the air and its unique persistent cleaning feature keeps surfaces, carpets, fabrics, etc. smelling fresh and clean for long periods of time.

Surface Cleaner

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